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Jennifer Clarke

Wakeful Heart Yoga

A Yoga Teacher Training

and Immersion Program






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Yoga Alliance Registered School

Align: Body Mind Spirit Action

Welcome to Wakeful Heart Yoga: Training for teachers and committed students of yoga.  This program was envisioned by Jennifer Clarke, read below.   

From Jennifer:  This yoga teacher training program has been floating around in my mind for years.  In 2016 I asked my colleague and friend Farah Nazarali to partner to build and teach this program.  I wanted an innovative and intuitive program and loved the work that Farah was doing with conflict resolution. We are now in year three with more faculty.  We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Program.


After practising yoga for 10 years I knew I needed to become a yoga teacher.   Then after completing three teacher training programs, I was ready to teach a yoga class.   After over a decade of teaching yoga and over 20 years of study in the movement and healing arts, the next inspired step is to offer what I've learned in an immersive environment such as a Teacher Training program.  I feel a call to support students to tap into their natural abilities to heal what needs healing, find presence, find their inner authority, tap into inspiration and fall in love with their life.   This is what the powerful inner technology of yoga, both practising and teaching, has done for me.  Teaching yoga has been a lifeline for me.


Over time I continue to sit deeper and steadfast in my experience that the body and mind are extensions of each other.   This perspective is where this training program is rooted. 


This is an innovative and relevant program to support us in understanding issues we face in our lives personally, socially, physically, mentally, politically and spiritually.  It weaves conflict resolution into Yogic Philosophy.  It finds a bridge between the physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Schedule

This program is sensitive to our busy lives!  It is a very manageable schedule and we finish in three months.  We end our work week with our YTT class and practise, we always have Saturday mornings off.  We will have one Sunday afternoon a month.  Look above to see exact dates.  Below to see a sample schedule of our classes.



Friday - 

5-6:30 Asana class

6:50 - 8:45 Discussion and Learning in groups

8:45-9pm Shavasana

Saturday - 

12-2 Discussion and Learning

2:15-4 Asana class

4-5 Break

5-7 Discussion and Learning with 10-15 minute break

It takes courage to uproot deeply ingrained mental habits, to challenge societal norms, and follow the path of the heart. The various practices of yoga give us the ability to heal ourselves, gain vitality and vigour and realize the inter-connectedness of life so we can become better partners, better citizens, and better care-takers of this planet. Wakeful Heart YTT is not only about graduating teachers.  It is the beginning chapter into a life-long study of ancient practices that help us become students of life, exploring the inner landscape of our bodies and psyche, learning and growing from our relationships and experiences, and realizing the fullness of the capacity of the heart.   

- Farah Nazarali (Wakeful Heart Faulty)  


Green Room Yoga 2645 Hastings Street East Vancouver BC Canada 



TBA  - We are hoping to run a program in 2022 January depending on the pandemic,

Fridays 5-9pm

Saturdays   12-7pm 

One Sunday a month:  12-5pm 




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