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Medical Qigong and Emotional Disharmoy

I have always been a very emotional and passionate person, teen, child and I have seen first hand what happens emotionally when we do not support the body and mind through practises like Yoga, Qigong, etc.

In Chinese Medicine, excessive emotion causes depletion or imbalance in the Organs. “Chinese medicine recognizes a powerful interplay between the physical body and emotions; the two are, in fact, inseparable. When we become emotionally upset, our internal environment also becomes disrupted, leading to the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. When we are physically compromised, our emotions can be greatly affected.” (

Where the mind goes, the energy flows.

In fact, in Chinese Medicine the Organs have their own spirit or consciousness. This consciousness is not separate from you, it is you. Emotional disharmony is excessive emotion that is unresolved which acts like a pathogen in our system in the same way a bacteria or virus would weaken our system. Chronic, unresolved anger, grief, worry, anxiety and fear do the same. Some schools of healing describe emotions as energy in motion. If our emotions are stagnate or unresolved, then what? Our energy or Qi (chee) is meant to flow. It is not meant to be stifled or stagnate, especially for years at a time. Perhaps our grief is not fully understood in ourselves and we default to anger because it is easier to access. This chronic emotional pattern can heat and stagnate the liver creating a vicious cycle. We are meant to cry when we need to cry. Just like we are meant to digest food when we need to digest food. If that process was impaired, we would feel discomfort and start to trigger an imbalance.

In Chinese Medicine each Organ houses a Spirit, an Emotion and a Virtue. You can see this in my Organ Chart . Excessive emotion comes from the imbalanced state of an Organ. It is crucial that you understand this system with NO FAULT and ZERO judgement toward yourself. They are emotions and should be fully felt. Once we start to really experience the inseparable connection between our body and mind then we realise that our emotions are telling us that our bodies are calling out. And, we have power to bring our whole selves into balance. Below is a chart that explains the various emotions that are connected with the 5 Yin Organs.

Here we can see that the emotion is expressed when the Organs are either excessive or deficient. The Lungs are not free to express integrity, the Heart is not free to express harmony, the Liver is not free to express compassion, the Kidneys are not free to express wisdom, and the Spleen is not free to express faith and peace of mind. See this amazing illustration below from Mantak Chia that shows this bound emotional strain.

In Chinese Medicine we would work to clear the stagnation and support an individual to move through life and achieve their life goals. In fact, that is the main goal of Chinese Medicine ” to help one follow their destiny”. In Qigong we would do this largely though exercises, the Healing Sounds, breath work.

And then we can begin to live inspired.

Once we begin to experience what is known as the Virtues of the emotions as stated above, (compassion, faith, etc.) Then our Organs and therefore ourselves begin to thrive and blossom.

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