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I started practicing yoga in 1995.  


I practise yoga to smooth out my mind so I can more easily tap into the wisdom of my body. 


It is simply an incredible healing technology to balance my the bodymind and spirit and it will be with me for the rest of my life.  It is truly a tool to connect to my Higher Self, to acknowledge and transform the difficulties that all humans encounter such as fear, anger, worry, grief.  And, to uncover a deep trust in the friendliness and abundance of the Universe that I know is there, but often gets obscured.


My yoga practice has taken different forms over the years depending on my needs which shift and change. I started practicing Iyengar based Hatha Yoga for 4-5 years, then practised 8 years of Pattabi Jois's Ashtanga Yoga.  I started to focus on Yin Yoga for many years then I moved to explore 3-4 years of Restorative Yoga.  Now, over the last many years, I practise a grounded Hatha practise utilizing props to find skillful, patient alignment.  My practise is based on physical and energetic or pranic alignment. 


Foundational Training


2006 Yoga Works 200hr YTT certification with Catherine Munro


2007 Yoga Works audited 200 hr YTT certification with Catherine Munro


2005 John Scott - Ashtanga Yoga - Teaching Methodologies 50 hr


2005 David Swenson -- Ashtanga Teacher Training 50 hr


2005 Fiona Stang – Ashtanga Teaching Methodology 50 hours


2012-2015 1000 hour Medical Qigong (MMQ) Teacher Training - International Institute of Medical Qigong and Empty Mountain Institute  with Wendy Lang (current Masters candidate) 



2017 Grief and Vulnerability with Healing Asana with Swan at The Path


2017 Trauma Informed Yoga Training for Yoga & Healthcare Professionals Part 1 & II - Nicole Marcia


2015-2016 Orin and Daben's Light Body - taught by Wendy Lang 



2012-2015 completed a 1000 hour Medical Qigong (MMQ) Teacher Training from the International Institute of Medical Qigong and Empty Mountain Institute  (Masters candidate) 


2013 Cadaver Lab Study 24 hrs Somatic Explorations


2015-2016 Rick Hansen - The Foundations of Well Being One Year online neuropsychology self-development course.

2014 Liz Koch 24hrs - Psoas


2014 Judith Lasater 2014 36 hrs - Yoga and the Organs


2013 Leslie Kaminoff - The Spine


2011 Rachel Scott - Anatomy of the Knee Workshop May 2011 4 hours


2008-2010 Foundation Program at Tilopa Buddhist Centre in Vancouver 


2010 Shiva Rae - 4 hrs Yoga Workshop Vinyasa Flow December 2010 


2010 Jesse Enright - Skeletal Anatomy Workshop July 2010 8 hours


2010 Annie Carpenter - Alignment within Sun Salutes May 2010


2010 Anusara Module 1 Training with Chris Chavez


2009 John Friend - Anusara Yoga Intensive Seattle, Washington October 18 hours


2009 Sean Corne -- Vinyasa for Detox - November


2009 Foundations of Ayurveda Part 1 with Robert Svoboda


2009 Maria Agarre -- Ayurveda and Yoga - November 2009


2009 Mark Finch -- Anatomy Trains November 


2009 Nichela Joy Devi -- Healing the Chakras November


2009 Susan Aposhyun – Bodymind Psychotherapy September 2009


2009 Chris Chavez - Anusara Yoga Module 1


2009 Desiree Rumbaugh --  Anusara Yoga Intensive May 2009 12 hours


2008 ViraYoga -NYC -- July 2008 self directed study and Intensive 5 weeks


2008 Christina Sell -- Anusara Yoga Module Spring 2008 9 hours 


2009 Jivamukti David Life Sharon Gannon Master Class


2006 Lin Snelling – Voice Training April 2006 1 week





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