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Jennifer Clarke

Wakeful Heart Yoga

A Yoga Teacher Training

and Immersion Program






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Closing Day Flower Ceremony 


Since starting the Wakeful Heart Yoga Teacher Training program, my practice is more focused and my self-confidence has greatly improved.  This is an incredible combination that has helped me to feel more awake and alive.  And, months after the program, I'm still learning from Jennifer and Farah's lessons, which have proved relevant to so many aspects of my life--whether I'm actively teaching yoga or just getting through the day.  I'm so grateful that this program was created, and that I was able to participate in it.

Magda S. (participant of 2018 program)

This program came with so many unexpected gifts and treasures. Simply practicing asana with the same group of people in an intimate setting, with teachers who have deep knowledge of the body and pay generous attention to your body specifically, changed my whole view of what yoga could be.  Before this program, I was an anonymous consumer of physical yoga.  What went on in my head during postures never came out into the open -- I would blame my body for having a bad class, and I had really plateaued in terms of building strength, flexibility, etc.  In this program, what had been a personal dialogue became a shared dialogue - I gained new vocabulary for what I was feeling, and the stories I carried about my body changed. I really have never felt like I trusted anyone more than Jen to care for and notice my body and all its strengths / weaknesses during a yoga class. As students, we were seen, heard, and cared for, which made it a joy to be a student of Jen and Farah. As an aspiring teacher, I hope to emulate their generosity and ability to do this for others. They were perfect examples of what they were teaching.

This program was a chance to give my yoga practice priority in my life, and explore its potential for bringing a stable wellness and constant source of excitement and exploration to my daily routine. At the same time, it allowed me to "go behind the scenes" as we thought about the logic and creativity behind sequencing poses and flows -- taking ownership of my physical practice and understanding how to structure a practice for others.


Jen and Farah were an incredible team.  They quickly created a trusting environment, and truly invited us into a collegial relationship with them.  They were overflowing with affirmation, enthusiasm, and positivity, and at the same time, I felt challenged ideologically, physically, and emotionally. 


I came to the program with zero knowledge of the nonphysical practices of yoga. It was a big learning curve and perspective shift to start making these connections, while not invalidating my practice up until this point. But learning about the ethical guidelines and teachings of yoga, mantra, and nonviolent communication and sitting with these ideas for three months has helped me take "yoga" out of a box and sprinkle it throughout every aspect of my life: relationships, study, work, and fun -- understanding that the things we cultivate during our physical asana practice (flexibility, strength, embodiment, awareness, intentionality, discipline) are perfect metaphors for how we move through life.


Robyn G. (participant 2018 program) 

Closing Day Flower Ceremony 

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